Once you bought a new Alexa device, but you have a lot of queries about, “How to do Alexa App Download?”. Well, there not anything to fear about. The Alexa App Setup and Echo dot setup system are extremely easy and quick. Everything that you’ll want is a couple of minutes to set it up if you are doing the whole thing correctly.

Charge it Up

Alexa Echo charger
Alexa Echo charger

The first thing after you purchase your new Alexa device is Unboxing. After unboxing your new device, you should take out the device and the charging adapter that comes with it. Next, you have to plug your device into the power outlet and let it charge for some time. The device may switch off during the setup/initialization, which takes time for it to start again, unnecessarily delaying the echo setup process, which is the reason why you need to charge your device after unboxing.

Alexa App Download

Alexa App Download on your Smartphone/iPhone, windows, or tablet while you charge your device. To download Alexa app is an important part of setting up your Alexa. You can visit the Google play store to download Alexa app. For iOS users, you can check the in-app store. In order to complete the setup, you will need a mobile device or tablet. After that, you can use a browser version on your Personal Computer or laptop. You can get  Alexa app setup from alexa.amazon.com and install it on your browser for the browser version. Log in and sign up

Download Alexa App
Download Alexa App

Now the next step after app download is logging in. You have to enter your user credentials if you are already an existing user. If you are a new user, you will have to create a new account. The process of registration is very simple. You can visit alexa.amazon.com and sign up from the website directly. If you are an existing user, just enter your email ID and password, and then you will be able to access your account on Alexa app. Connecting to the device

In order to connect to the device

Echo Dot Setup
Echo Dot Setup

1)Open your app.

2) Click on the settings tab.

3)Then you will see an option to add a new device. Click on the option. Then click search for devices nearby. Then you will get the list of all the nearby Alexa devices.

4)Choose your device from the list.

5)Connect to it.

As soon as you connect to it, your Alexa setup is complete. Connecting to WiFi After all these steps, the next part that you must do in Echo Dot Setup is connecting to WiFi. For this:

1)Go to the settings tab

2)Click on devices.

3)Select your devices then click on the connect to the WiFi option.

Once you enter the credentials, the app will confirm that your device is connected, and you can begin to use Alexa and give it commands as you please. Restart both the device and your router and try again, If the device is unable to connect to WiFi.


If all the steps that you followed did not work for you then you might need to reset all your devices (including your smartphone or iOS) and try it again. After doing this, if it is still not happening then you might need to call the customer care and share all the problems you are facing. They can guide you with any further steps that you need to carry on.