Amber alerts, however, meaning full, but at the same time, they are annoying and intrusive also. It can be turned even if your Apple iPhone is picking up in Do not Disturb mode. Some ways can help you to get rid of these notifications.

Amber is the short form used for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. The alarm was added with the motive that everyone who is receiving it would help to search the missing children. But, it is ridiculous to assume that everyone who is getting the alerts will go out of their home in search of missing kids. Till now, almost six hundred children have been found with the help of these amber alerts. However, the data regarding recovered children are quite suspected, as it is impossible to connect, saving the kids with these alerts directly. But,  the warnings have been introduced with the hope that these will help in protecting those children who often got murdered after going kidnapped or missing.

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If you can keep these alerts, live on your iPhone, but if you find it quite intrusive, you can get rid of these alerts. To turn off the Amber alerts, you will need to go to the Settings and open it. You can go to the Settings either through the list of apps, the home screen of your iPhone, or to command Siri to Open Settings. When you will open the Settings, scroll down, and find out the Notifications section. While going to the Notifications section, you will find the option of Government alerts. In the section of Government Alerts, you will need to select the option, and when emergency alerts start appearing, click the slider on to the Amber warnings to turn it off.

Turn Off Other Alerts Too

You can turn off other alerts too; however, all these are equally important, so it is a wise decision to leave these alerts on. These alerts are, however, somewhat less frequent and vital than Amber warnings. These alerts also include public health-related issues, so getting the latest updates is quite crucial in the current scenario. Some alerts keep updating the people regarding the ongoing health emergency. These alerts often include the instruction to people to stay at home, along with encouraging them to place orders for anything while following social distancing norms. Also, these alerts often include the instructions of the government officials of state or local to make people aware of when and how the different services will be opened for them. It can be argued that even if the people turn off the alerts, the information will surely reach them in one way or another. But, the alerts like Amber are quite sensitive, and it should not be turned off as it has been introduced with the single concept to get the help of people in searching for missing children.