Other than helping passengers to travel from one place to another, Aeromexico airlines also allow pets in many of their flights. However, as there are prescribed guidelines for passengers, some terms and conditions are also applied to the allowance of pets into the flights. Aeromexico Airlines try to make the journey of both passengers and pets safe and comfortable.

Here are some guidelines for the Aeroméxico reservations of pets in the flights:

  •         Aeromexico Airlines allow reservations for 6 pets at a time in the flight.
  •         Pets are allowed in the flight as long as the duration of that particular flight is less than 6 hours. And till the flight lands, pets are to remain in their carrier.
  •         Aeromexico Airlines does not allow dogs younger than sixteen weeks to travel. While the maximum weight of the pets to travel on some flights is 15 lbs i.e. 7 kg, and other flights consider 20 lbs i.e. 9 kg.
  •         Pet Fee: The fee charged for pets traveling in domestic flights is 1000 MXN. While pets traveling in international flights to the USA, Canada or, South America, the fee charged is $125.
  •         Aeromexico airlines do not consider larger pets as checked baggage. They have no option left to travel as cargo in the hold.
  •         Passengers need to note here that pets traveling in the cargo should not exceed the weight along with the carrier, i.e. 99 lbs or 45 kg.
  •         Aeromexico airlines do not permit snub-nosed pets to travel as breathing problems may occur to them during travel. Instead, they are allowed to travel in Aeromexico airline cargo only.

So far, we have discussed the general guidelines that should be followed by every passenger who is taking pets along with them on the flight. However, you can visit the official website of Aeromexico airlines to know more about specific terms and conditions to carry pets. Also, on the website, you can go through the steps to make Aeroméxico reservations of pets. Aeromexico airlines make the most comfortable journey for the pets traveling on the flight. Also, if someone has an issue, he/she can contact the customer service team available 24/7.

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