I really don't understand. Weirdo shit. As to buy Madden 21 coins why EA is using this as a marketing tool of these"streamers, champions, MUT packers" my guess is due to their loyal fanbases aka The PA End Arounds. They do not care that Madden NFL 21 is nearer to NFL Blitz compared to NFL simulation. They do not care that a player wins exploits, They just want infant is packed by MUT! I concur. These men who play madden probably have no feeling of authentic football acumen, nevertheless EA must pander to guess what? The group scene that is supreme that is competitive.

Why would you want any of this stuff? I do think you get Lamar Jackson. It is only a"charge card" Then you get uniforms and youtubers that is arbitrary. Absolutely horrible. At least 2k will give you like a Jordan and Kobe card and even that's stupid. Do any of those coaches do anything different from one another? It is all the same number of right? Just graphic about sideline right of coach?

Not surprising... EA even empowers and promotes these acitvity. In 2121, knowing football will not win you a Madden game, understanding a punters handoff cartoon is quicker will though! EA's shortcomings with franchise mode are recorded, but this is not an unusual theme in video Madden NFL. You won't be helped by Understanding how to fire a genuine gun in any FPS. By Understanding how to fight, you won't be helped in UFC or any fighting game. Video Madden NFL have exploits. Always have. Always will. I'm not certain what a player subbing a punter into exploit a quicker handoff animation must do for franchise mode with EA's shortcomings.

And of course every game has exploits, nevertheless EA is the only company I have seen allow exploits on a competitive level and call it"football". Its not enjoy Joke blindsided EA the same tactic was employed by him all year. Any firm that gave a shit about its so called scene could have patched exploits that are evident let alone a year. I said it to denote my disdain for how EA has managed the development of the series. Pro CoD players quickscope, when I cared enough to watch the championships back then or at least they did. That's an exploit.

I absolutely agree that this championship was a fucking travesty. My point here is what it's always been. Madden has a sim style, but it is not a sim. If Madden NFL 21play were physics based instead of animation it'd likely be a lot closer. I would really like to see that become fact, but they do not care enough to cheap Mut 21 coins spend the money to do it.