MyPLAYER (Attributes/Badges/Builds) - Insert the respec feature to nba 2k20 mt coins the game. First off it would make life so much simpler and save as much time and effort if we can tune up our builds instead of creating a whole other one and wasting more of our money. Secondly, this feature should not give gamers the ability to recreate entire builds (e.g. change from a PG playmaker to some C Glass) I feel that it must be more of a way for gamers to adjust their MyPlayers characteristics after it was produced to provide much better badges or cartoons this includes height, weight, wingspan, and maybe takeover.

Thirdly, I don't think the VC used about the features should be refunded since the point I made in my second reason is that respecing should let's fine-tune our players never create something new and understanding that this community someone will definitely find a VC glitch when it had been reimbursed. Lastly, I created my build with this feature in mind so that I did not put much thought behind the invention of the build and just wanted to try and see how the game played so I can adjust and my construct to it along with my play style. I don't know if anybody else had this thought process but just wanted to put my reason for wanting it last.

I wish 2K would allow a MyLeague league that is lot more customizable, not strictly adjusted around NBA rules. 64 teams, randomly generated, minor leagues, or leagues that are tributary halves, from where I need on the planet, teams. Like, I personally just need to make like a 8 team league in america from like the 1970s as type of a rival league to the NBA that I can develop through expansion and watch as how the league changes via pace, style, and just gift, together with literary teams and players I can make my own history for as the league is simulated. I am sure a great deal of things have the capability to just brick a console's processing power which might be part of why they do not have anything similar to this, but for like a few years I've wanted this but there is never any addition to this sort of MyLeague customization.

I think adding the choice to a construct or play would do good for the game. Let us be fair, the 1 game against the warriors doesn't help you understand your construct. You can't upgrade what you get no cartoons would like for your testing, and can't tell exactly what your player would play like. If we alter the pie chart, not position and are able to return, this would do great for the match. They may earn less money through VC, but that I really could see this definitely boosting sales, because many people are in happy with their own builds. Together with respec it ought to wipe out all badges, upgrades, and animations, and give you your vc back for that which was spent on updates. Or, provide you with no more vc back but be in a position to improve your player to the same overall as it had been before the shift. Only my thought on what would make this game fun and supply players and players.

I think I can handle all alterations to MyGM except quarter span. Please let settings to correct for quarter length. I like to be in a position to possess stats that compare with the drama of computers. Frankly the number one thing for which I play with this game and it is pretty disheartening. I like the rest of the challenges to earn coach and player trust but that I beg wholeheartedly I be able to play with any desired quarter span (10 min is my own standard for realistic stats, scores, and still within reason). 6 second quarter make a 20 point game for a rarity even for a higher scoring player (if you share the ball somewhat normally) and mt for sale 2k20 then you simply can not have realistic period stats.