Over a period of last few years, Sports has occupied a vital place in our life. It has played a fundamental role in keeping us both physically and mentally fit. Apart from these benefits, it also inculcates the value of team work within the players. Today, the scope of sports industry is considerably widened that one can also find a lot of fruitful career opportunities in it and incase you want to know more on this, read this blog https://borntoplay.co.in/exciting-sports-career-options-you-might-not-be-aware-of/

There are various organizations operating in the sports industry and one such organization you’re going to surf through this blog is, Born To Play. You will be going through what various type of sports events conducted by BTP are -

Born to play is a sports event management company based in New Delhi. The organization wants to change the way people look at sports in India. Their mission statement is to nurture and magnify the community’s interest in sports and to make India, the sporting powerhouse of the world. In the process, the organization plans different sports event throughout the year. The list of this is as stated below.

Sports events conducted by BTP:

  • Grassroots Sports Events Grassroots sports events are basically the events which are conducted at non-professional and non-elite level. It is played by the masses at a level where participation, love for sports and public-benefit is the driving force. BTP organizes this event with the aim of integrating sports into the lives of all ordinary people.
  • White labelling

White labelling refers to the corporate sports events. BTP conducts different refreshing sports events for the corporate employees. This benefits the employees as well as the corporates as it helps distressing and rejuvenating the employees and thereby, improves the productivity of the corporates.


Even during this lockdown period, BTP offers E-services to the corporates which helps their employees to stay engaged. To learn more in this regard, click on this link!


  • Experiential Sports Marketing

If a brand gets associated with BTP, they allow the crowd to test the particular product on their ground itself. This allows the consumer to experience the product and acknowledge it. This is nothing but experiential sports marketing. This allows the brands to directly interact with their target audience.                              

  • Sports League Management

BTP plans, organizes and manages various sports leagues in an efficient way. This includes cricket leagues, table tennis tournament, speed skating, basketball challenge, etc. The management process is efficient and hassle-free. During the sports league, BTP management makes sure that players have fun, play fair game, use best equipment and build team spirit.

  • E-sports Tournaments

In the present scenario, e-sports is seen to be gaining importance as we’re restricted going outdoors due to this covid-19 pandemic. Keeping this in mind, BTP organizes various mind blowing e-tournaments. This includes pubg tournaments, call of duty and many such attractive games. This helps to keep the fellow players connected with their mates over long distance.

So, these are the sports events conducted by Born To Play. All of them are worth and exciting!

If any of these events interest you, you can reach out to us using the phone number - +919717797077.