nba2k21 myteam coins offered at least 8 million copies. If that was at $60 a pop, that's nearly half a billion. It will not cost that much to make a new variant of NBA 2K each year. And that's not including the millions they rake in with microtransactions and however much they get out of sport ad deals. Yes, a cost increase was likely at some stage, but in no way are 2K hurting for money to necessitate it. Nor will them raising the base price of NBA 2K create the microtransactions lessens. NBA 2K probably does not want the money the most, so they are one of the few which may safely take the plunge into a higher cost.

In terms of the MT, yeahhhh that's the problem:If higher costs meant lowering MT, that would make me more happy. But these companies aren't likely to throw away a"good thing". This needs to be an indicator of a benchmark. I really don't feel 2K is based on NBA 2K's MSRP for profit, I watched both 2K and Madden both being sold for $25 by Black Friday last year, and even ended up becoming Madden from it, essentially two months post launch. These games end up getting really cheap very quickly and 2K has been on game pass for a few months now along with being in humble bundles and receiving other heavy discounts. If this is a bigger movement in costs, I would not be surprised.

NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition

Maybe an unpopular view, but should you control the standard $60 for this edition, of donate the additional revenue for charging longer, I am fine with it. I'm uncomfortable with charging more and making more specifically because it is Kobe, if this makes sense. This, there is a way without lining your own pockets to honor the deceased. 2K, like corporations, has the MO. Because of what he'll do for their numbers, they love kobe, but probably love him more after his death.

Making it more accessible to fans or donating to Kobe charities are a few paths that could celebrate his lifetime. But that how to buy mt nba 2k21 is not profitable for business. Agreed. Previous variations with Shaq and Wade made sense to me to charge more since I really don't think a whole lot of individuals unless they were particular lovers of these would find this version. Kobe differs, not because he is more iconic but due to his passing and was. It is a completely different reason to get him.