Are you getting bored with your simple brown hair color and want to try something new? Then you are at the right place today, I will show you some amazing shades of brown hair color which enhances your look.

We all love to play with our hair and want to try some hair colors. Because hair color can enhance our features and give us a glamorous and fashionable look.

But we think that brown color is just one shade, but it’s not true because brown is so much than only medium, light, and dark brown.

In this article, I will share some amazing shades of brown hair color, that will give you a glamorous look. Let’s have a look at some amazing shades of brown hair.



How To Know Which Shade Of Brown Hair Color Suits You?

If you want to pick the right shades of brown hair color, then you need to determine undertones and your eye color. If you don’t identify what your skin undertones, then use these tricks to identify. 

1. Flip Your Wrist: When you flip your wrist and see the greenish veins, Then you have warm undertones.

Whereas the blue veins are pointed toward the cool undertones. If you find your veins are somewhere in between, then your undertones are likely neutral. 

2. Eye color: Stand in front of the and look into the to find out which type of eye color you have.

If you have green or blue eyes then you have cool undertones, if you have the little golden specks in the eyes then maybe you have a warm undertone. 

If you want to pick the perfect shades of brown hair color then just pick the shades with the undertones, which are opposite to your skin tones. Always remember that before choosing the hair color.

If you have warm skin then choose cooler shades for your brown hairs. If you have a cooler skin tone then pick the warm shade of brown hair color. 



Best Shades Of Brown Hair According To Your Skin Tone 

If you are still thinking which brown hair color is really best for you according to your skin. Then here are some tips that will help you to the best shade of brown hair color for you. 

1. Cool Undertones: If you have a cool undertone, the warm shades of brown hair color work magic on your complexions.

Imagine amber, caramel with the blonde highlights, warm red, or the golden brown hair color. When you go with the warm color then this hair color is really pop on you. 

2. Warm Undertones: If you have a warm undertone, then cool brown shaded such as mushroom brown, dark chocolate, and dark auburn will look fabulous on you.

You can also pair these shades together to brighten up the look of your complexion.

Cooler hair colors I can make your yellow undertones look a bit creamier for the overall softer effect. 

3. Neutral Undertones: If you have a neutral undertone then any shade of brown hair looks great on you, but I would recommend you not to go with too cool or too warmer shades of brown hair color.

The people who have neutral undertones then, these people are really lucky because they have plenty of options from a classic medium brown hair color to the trendy nude hair color.