These days, many kinds of smart speakers are available in the market, and Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s HomePod capture the market. Google Home is what caught our interest as it has so many excellent and intelligent features that Alexa and Siri lacks. The Google Home devices are smart and have a beautiful design and shapes that attract the eyes of technophiles. In this article, we will take you through the best features of the Google Home that sets it apart from its fellow smart speakers. The following are the features that might prompt you to get a Google Home.

5 Features that Makes Google Home Superior to Other Smart Speakers


Better Response

Unlike Alexa and Siri, Google Assistant doesn’t require a one-line command to turn off the alarms, timers, and notifications. You won’t have to say any wake words, and all you have to say is “Stop!” and it will stop interrupting your tasks and sleep early in the morning. It also has a continuous conversation feature, but it is not a mandatory one. It allows the assistant to continue listening even after the first command. You can turn it off by saying, “Thank You!” Also, it can answer multiple questions at a time with the help of the Multiple Actions feature. 

Smart Home Maker

You can get Google Assistant to do all the tasks for you, but some features can be unlocked using the Google Home app only. Smart Home control on the app can make your life easier as it will allow you to turn on or off the smart home devices directly from the app. This will eliminate the fuss of saying long commands, waiting for the assistant to understand it to fulfill the task. Set up your smart home devices in the rooms and organize them in groups so that the Google Home app can arrange all the devices smartly to make it easier to give commands to Alexa or use the features manually. People using the Google Home’s Nest and Nest Hub Max enjoy quite a few benefits as it has some intuitive and smart controls that makes life much easier.

Seamless Sync

If you are someone who has some or more than one Google Home speakers lying around in all or some corners of their home, you must enjoy the benefit of seamless synchronization on all the speakers. If you’re planning to throw a party after the pandemic situation gets to normal or want to enjoy the music party on your own, your Google Home speaker won’t disappoint you. You can move around in all the rooms and listen to music with absolute stability without compromising the sound quality. Connect your music library to the device, and you’ll be ready for a house party.  

Your best mate in the morning 

You can set up morning routines on your Google Home to customize what you want to hear first thing in the morning. You can ask it to tell you weather reports, sing you good morning, give you news updates, or anything you like. To set up your routine, you will need the Google Home app and use the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings section in the app, and click on More Settings.
  2. Click on the Assistant option at the top of the menu bar. A list of options will follow.
  3. At the end of the list, click on Routines, and select Good Morning.
  4. You can add or remove anything from the list you want, such as reminders, calendar events, weather, podcasts, etc. 
  5. Select how you want the Google Assistant to end the routine. 

Save your settings, and your routine will be ready. 

Better Sleep

Your Google Home has a feature where it will play music, podcast, etc. or anything that you have set for your night routine to unwind all the stress before going to bed. You can get it to play any soothing music or sound that triggers your sleep, such as brown noise, slow music, rain sounds, etc. All you have to do is give a command to the assistant by saying, “OK, Google, ask to Help Me Sleep to play (followed by the type of music you prefer). It will instantly play your jam, and you can immediately doze off to sleep.

These are some of the features that might be available in other smart home speakers, but no one does it better than Google Home speakers. It will be your perfect companion in handling all the tasks efficiently without lagging from morning to night. 

SOURCE:- 5 Features that Makes Google Home Superior to Other Smart Speakers