TronAxe smart contract is just like forsage. there are 2 matrixes. x1 and x2. x1 is 1x3 and x2 is 2x2.
You need to refer to earn from x1, you need 3 referrals. you will get earning from 1, 2 and 3 will go to your sponsor. and you will get a new position again and again.

x2 is earnings from global spillover from all over the world, you earn unlimited income here whether or not you have referrals.

1. Click to register:

2. Log into you account and add your tron, ethereum or Bitcoin wallet and update your profile.
3. From your back office click buy and fill out your mode of Payment, copy out the address and log into ur wallet to make payment.
4. Log back to your back office and purchase the first position.

You only need $1 plus network charges to get in.
Tron wallet is cheaper in terms of transaction fee. Just 2 tron.