Online shopping has become the next big thing now, and customers rely on online shopping websites for most of their needs. It can be said that e-commerce has become a way of life, and to help you decide which website you can choose for what needs, we have listed out a number of online shopping apps below.

Amazon Shopping

Price: Free  / $119.99 per year

Amazon Shopping is undoubtedly the best shopping application. You have the opportunity of choosing between numerous products and brands and finally selecting the right one that suits you.


Price: Free

Chewy is like Amazon but for your pets. It offers a variety of products, including animal food, toys, treats, accessories, enclosures, hygiene products, and much more. The app can be a one-stop-shop for all your pet needs avoiding the fret of shopping multiple products on multiple sites.


Price: Free / varies

Craigslist is the application that has most of the things of your requirement. And by most of the things, we mean literally most, which include from houses to cars to electronics, random furniture, and every other kind of stuff.


Price: Free

eBay is one most used shopping applications across the US. The app gives a lot of options to the users that include bidding, purchasing, searching, and checking items that you would want to purchase as well as sell. You can find amazing stuff at reasonable prices. The app has a lot to offer in terms of facilities as well as items.


Price: Free

Etsy is similar to a flea market but on the internet. There are over 800,000 sellers and ten million-plus items. You can rely on Etsy to find some unique and exciting articles.

Facebook Marketplace

Price: Free

Facebook Marketplace is one of the better ideas of the Facebook application. It gives you the option of surfing the app as a marketplace and looking for items that people around you are offering for sale. With a marketplace that offers all kinds of items, you can also end up availing a good percentage of discount as well for your purchases.

Google Shopping

Price: Free

Google Shopping tries to sum up the shopping process for you by including other shopping sites like Best Buy, Target, and others. You get the option of comparing the prices and deals before buying your products.

Instacart or Postmates

Price: Free

Instacart and Postmates are a fun way of shopping. Both these apps deliver fresh food and drinks, including beverages, on the same day all across the US. You can shop groceries online and get fresh produce delivered directly to your door in as little as 2 hours.

With the option to choose from a wide range of products and the convenience of home return and exchange, online shopping is no less than a luxury. You also get massive discounts and cashback offers for shopping online. Thus, you can rely on these shopping apps for Android.

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