Have you bought an Alexa device?In this pandemic, people are at their homes were listening to music on Alexa. for Alexa setup you need to create  an account on Alexa.Amazon.com free app download 

 Here are Some of its great features are as follows:

•Getting phone calls
•Watching and listening to interesting cooking recipes
•Working out with Alexa app setup
•Entertain your kids
•Get email updates and notifications
•Read your messages
•Stream your favorite shows and movies on TV
•Get weather updates and a lot more stuff
And the list goes on and on. There is an end number of great features that the Alexa app setup will provide you. While there are many smart speakers through which you can avail of this functionality of the Amazon Alexa app but Echo dot setup should be your top choice.


All you need to do is know how to set up echo dot and then you are good to go. You can even connect the device with apps like Twitter, Uber, and Spotify and use these applications just by issuing your voice commands to Alexa
So, go ahead and start with the setup, and if you face any issue just reach out to the support team at Alexa.amazon.com and they will provide you the best possible assistance. Though the setup is very simple yet you can seek extra guidance and help in case you are faced with any obstacle or glitch. Go ahead with the Echo Dot setup and have a happy experience using Alexa. Once you have successfully completed echo dot setup you can make use of its amazing features which will change your daily life completely. It’s compact shape and size, adds to the fascination and will be an amazing addition to your home.