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A simple answer is yes. To prevent fire hazards and protect the health of both staff and customers, this is mandatory. This is an absolute requirement for all commercial kitchens. The whole system consists of air ventilators, exhaust hoods, ducting, grease removal apparatuses etc.

The cooking process in the kitchen gives out grease, smoke, and heat. In addition to this, toxic gases get produced as well. That is why you need this system. Now let's see an elaborate answer on that.

Mandatory for insurance policy

Suppose the kitchen gets a fire accident due to improper installation or maintenance of extraction system cleaning. Even if that was an accident, you cannot claim the insurance company. This is because you failed to comply with the terms of the policy.

What does the system do?

The matter of having this system is a little bit complicated matter. It needs proper design, right air pressures, and many regulation checks. But it can give you the following things:

  1. Removes the smoke, grease, and particle from the kitchen.
  2. The air inside the kitchen gets replaced with clean air.
  3. It also helps to regulate the temperature of the kitchen.

Why is this so important?

As you know, there will a build-up of grease and oil from the inside of the canopy to the duct. This is what creates a fire hazard risk. Since you cannot stop cooking in a commercial kitchen, the right way is to maintain it using kitchen extraction cleaning services. This involves filter cleaning, canopy cleaning, duct cleaning, and fan cleaning for the whole system.

What will happen if you ignore this system?

The failure to comply with the law will pose the biggest risk to your business. Also, with no proper maintenance, you might have to close the business for a few weeks to complete major repairs. This may eventually lead to a big loss for you. Other than being a fire risk, a dirty kitchen extraction system is a major health risk because it can cause many respiratory illnesses.

Also, since it is the law, failing to obey can mean you have to shut down your business.

The bottom line

For the safety of your customers and staffs, it makes sense to go for a good extraction cleaning system. Proper installation and maintenance of it by the professionals is mandatory. After all, safety is always first.