A new game for you- Portal 2D

Edric Sacara
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2021-02-24 07:48:53

Controls: Mouse = aim, WASD / Arrows = move and jump, Q / E = shoot

Portal 2D is a great amazing escape-the-room problem game in which often you can teleporting entrances to achieve the exit associated with every level.

This particular game is influenced by the first-person game Portal, that makes utilization of the exact same characteristics, in this particular version, you may perform a more easy two-dimension mode specifically designed to become just since the particular fun and intense. Use different weaponry to open new portals in purchase to create a new method to reach usually the exit doorway.

A great person may also attach in order to some objects, get rid of them into the present portals properly, plus even employ legislation of gravity to discover a solution to lower situations. Unlock every and every 1 the cool-looking web site guns and really clear every time period regarding this awesome. Another classic solitaire game.