How To Completely Uninstall Avast On Mac?

Barney Stinson
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2020-01-29 06:11:41

One of the best ideas for you to be able to protect your Mac is by using antivirus software that is available on the market. However, there are instances that this antivirus software can become a pain while trying to uninstall it completely. This is because some of the antivirus software is known to be integrated and that they leave some residues behind which will slows down the Mac.

One of the antivirus software that is considered to be a little complicated to uninstall is the Avast Free Antivirus. For you to remove this, you will be needing extra effort and time to uninstall this application completely from your Mac.

That is why in this article, we are going to show you ways on how you can completely uninstall Avast from your Mac PC or Laptop.

Part 1: Why Uninstall Avast on Mac

The Avast Mac Security is known to be a vulnerable antivirus method that one can use for their device. Given that the utility is distributed free of charge and is fairly efficient in removing the majority of digital threats, many Internet surfers use it for the protection of their system. However, experienced members of the Apple family realize that it is not reasonable to be a skimp while dealing with security.

Therefore, they opt for commercial antiviruses that are characterized by better performance in several key aspects and reinforce the protection of their Mac by masking their web activities with the help of Avast SecureLine VPN. Specifically, many users are frustrated by the slow scanning speed, excessive resource consumption, and distracting screen pop-ups of Avast Antivirus. Therefore, they seek help for proper ways to uninstall Avast antivirus.

Part 2: How to Uninstall Avast Manually

The good thing about a Mac device is that, once that you will be needing to remove any applications, it provides you its very own removing feature that will help you to manually uninstall the application from the device. So for you to know is how to uninstall Avast manually from your Mac, here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Stop the Application from Running on Your Mac

First thing you have to do is to stop the application from running on your device. Here is how to do it.

  1. Go ahead and click on the “Go” button.
  2. After that, go ahead and choose “Utility”.
  3. Then, go ahead and double-click on the Activity Monitor to open.
  4. After that, go ahead and find and then highlight the running process of Avast.
  5. Then click on the “Quit” button.

You can do step 2 and step 3 until all of the processes related to Avast is disabled completely from your device.

Step 2: Begin the Removal Process

  1. Launch the Finder application on your Mac device.
  2. In there, click on “Applications” located on the left side of your screen of the device.
  3. Then, from the Applications folder, locate the Avast and then drag it over to your Trash.
  4. Then right-click on your Trash and then select Empty Trash.
  5. Then on Finder, click on the Go button from the menu bar.
  6. Then select Go to Folder.
  7. From there, type in ~/Library in the field box and then hit on the Return button and you will be directed to the Library folder.
  8. Find and open all the folders that are associated with the Avast application and delete them from your Mac.

We must say that doing so will not be able to completely uninstall Avast from your Mac because there are still instances that you may not find all the folders that are associated with the application Avast. And with that, you are still leaving some files or folders that you do not need and is eating up storage space on your Mac.