A web development company designs and codes applications for online use. This includes everything in the Google Play or iStore etc as well as websites and other internet applications. Even accounting software can be done as a web application (check out Wave). Web development is quite a process if it is going to be done properly. Here is a short run down on what you should get. It will differ a little depending on the project, but this is the basic idea. Meet client and establish a general specification for the project Quote based on initial meeting. The quote should be pretty specific Create a functional specification that both the developers and client agree on for the project Design team and development team collaborate on a wireframe or prototype of some kind Client sees and comments on prototype Do 4 and 5 until all are in agreement about prototype Design team starts layout the look and feel of the project Development team starts to build the backend structures for the project Client views and approves the design (more back and forth here) Development team gets the design and finishes of the functional portions of the development Front end developer gets given the design and the functional portion of code and makes it all one Client reviews the first draft - more back and forth until all is done When all is happiness and signed off, the project goes live There will be various payment steps in between - but that is going to vary based on the cost and duration of the project.
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