"Can I prepare for the anthropology optional without attending any coaching classes?" Yes, you can prepare for anthropology on your own. But this is a subject who requires professional guidance and an experienced teacher is a must for its extensive range. For this purpose, offline as well as online anthropology courses are provided by Sapiens IAS. Understanding what anthropology is? Anthropology is the study of the human mind, their behaviour, and human societies of the past and present. It is the study of humanity through the ages. There are majorly four branches of anthropology: Linguistic, Biological, Cultural anthropology, Archaeology. Why Sapiens IAS and none other you’ll ask? Let's see and give it a thought. 1. The Leading One: Sapiens IAS is the leading Anthropology Coaching Centre for IAS in Delhi, which provides facilities for aspiring candidates in Delhi. 2. The Expert: Anthropology at Sapiens IAS is taught by Mr. Pradip Sarkar, the best in his field. He is a one-man army! 3. Modes of Teaching and Learning: Long-distance learning has been in the market for a while now. The Sapiens IAS institute specializes in offline as well as online classes, which is quite beneficial for aspirants from places other than Delhi. 4. Syllabus: Sapiens IAS is an institute which will keep up its pace to complete the syllabus but not in a way that will make students give up on their journey. 5. Tests: Anthropology Test series are provided from time to time so that the basic concepts are not forgotten at any point in time. These tests are also analysed for you so that you know pretty well where you have done well and where you need to work more. 6. Experience: This institute has been in the anthropology department for the past 14 years which, in a way, can be regarded as enough time to become an expert in a specific field. 7. Toppers: Sapiens IAS has created toppers in every line of work, IAS, IRS, as well as IPS. 8. Courses: Sapiens IAS also provides crash courses for aspirants who have enough knowledge about the subject but need the guidance they’ve been lacking. Crash courses are best when you know the basics but are running short on time for revision of what you’ve studied. 9. Results: There are more than 10,000 students who have opted for the anthropology courses at this institute and they swear by it. How will Sapiens IAS benefit YOU? 1. Well, Sapiens IAS is one of the best anthropology coaching centres in Delhi. A good leader never leaves their teammate behind! And our dear professor aims for exactly that! Leaders form leaders, so what better than Sapiens IAS. 2. Mr. Pradip Sarkar, hands down, is the best teacher of anthropology. He will provide you with tips and tricks which not only will be useful for exams but also help in the long run of your career. 3. Offline classes provide you with in-class and first-hand experience with the teacher for sure. But the online learning program will be beneficial for aspirants staying far from Delhi. An online student has more benefits since he can attend the live lecture as well as re-watch the recorded lecture! 4. The tests are designed in such a way that it pushes the students up until the end and finds out their weaknesses as well as strengths. This provides clarity to the aspirant about what they need to work on. 5. To prepare for these tests as well as the MAINS UPSC examination, the institute itself provides the students with meticulously prepared notes and worksheets which will help them answer every question brought in front of them. 6. There are special doubt lectures for online students, conducted live. The students can ask doubts and they will be answered at that moment itself. 7. A provision is given to opt for crash course if the aspirants require a boost of motivation for cracking MAINS UPSC examination. With your efforts and with the help of Sapiens IAS, you will one hundred percent ace the exam and come out with flying colours and that is a guarantee. Humans are the most difficult to understand. One might be good at reading them, but what a guide will do to you is polish your mind in such a way that you will not make any mistakes in understanding them. So well, anthropology though can be studied on your own, but it will be more beneficial and easier to learn and understand with the guidance of someone like Mr. Pradip Sarkar since he is the expert! Experience in any field does matter and what better than an institute which has been specializing in Anthropology for more than 15 years. Give this institute a shot and Sapiens IAS will push you ahead for sure. https://www.sapiensias.in/upsc-anthropology-optional-coaching/
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