I created this Social Media platform to help all the people of the world sell their products and services, and more.

This platform offers various advantages for its users;  Hotmedia platform users are rewarded with points, those points, they can be converted into web traffic, meaning you can buy a Pro Package, or you can buy traffic directly to the ad system.

points can not be converted into real money for now, when we can offer this we will announce it  can be used as I said above, to buy traffic, or a Pro Package.

To earn money there is the affiliate system, To earn money there is the affiliate system that gives you a win system that is not in any current affiliate system, maybe the affiliate systems where you have to sell digital products, maybe there are commissions like ours, but you have to sell products, and this is very difficult if you have no experience.

Free users can earn a maximum of € 5 points a day, instead the Pro user can earn a maximum of € 25 points a day.

I repeat once again the points you have earned for your actions, you cannot convert them into real money, so I ask you for answers, and not published in public, because the system will automatically delete your account, published only if you have something to publish.

The content for adults, PORNO, is 100% forbidden

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