Affiliate System

This affiliate program is simple, and is unique in the world!

I put € 1000 up when the payment starts, because people do not read the affiliate system, and when it comes to € 30, they ask for payment, creating many fake accounts, if until June 15, we do not get to this figure, we change the affiliation system with a Multi Level MLM

This Project is created in order to generate money for all users,you have to promote your affiliate link to increase your affiliate list, we have put this goal of 1 million people, because the system can earn enough money to pay all users, I'm not a millionaire, I'm a normal person like you, and I'm creating this system with you, nobody ever created a system like this, if you understand this you will all be paid, but I repeat the Portal must earn money to be able to pay all of you, I ask you only to promote your affiliate link, and to have patience !


All users who register until 28 February 2019, receive € 100, to promote their products and services!


The points are exclusively to promote your websites, and can not be withdrawn, this system is created to help all people who work in Marketing, to promote their products and services!


We have introduced the reward with points, you can earn points to publish articles and to interact with other users

All accumulated points can only be used to convert them to ads.


All you have to do to earn $ 1 for each of your subscribers is to register more people with your affiliate link, and to be active in the portal, publish articles, distribute on other Social Media, etc.


The payments will start after we reach 1 Million users!


Again, to earn $ 1 you do not have to buy anything, you just have to be active in the platform, publish articles, share, interact with other users, ETC.

Where the money comes from to pay users


Our platform with 3 types of revenue, 1) sponsored Ads by Gooogle Adsense, 2)Ads sponsored in the portal, and 3)Pro packages!


The sum of $ 1 will be paid forever, every month, but when revenue increases, we divide 50% of all our income with you!

Payments will be made with PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Western Union.

Fb earns $ 443 billion a year, and to 2 billion users, if it paid $ 1 to each person, in a year they pay 24 billion a year, and there remain 419 billion, but they prefer to keep the whole grain for them!

Together we can change the world, together we can create a world based for the good of all humanity!


Fb, in 2017 earned $ 443 billion and not only that it pays nothing to its users, but they are censored all the information uncomfortable for someone, Fb, has been transformed into a platform of censorship, and the time has come for the release of all these miserable bastard that controls and sensors us!

Only together can we make this project become a solid reality.

The project started on 2 November 2018, and every harvest will be published the real number of subscriptions!

When the payment starts, all users will have to verify their accounts, using their real data, and sending documents that will be requested at that moment!

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