Affiliate program

 Affiliate program


From today it's 15/12/2019 We launch the affiliate system based on cryptocurrency, Hotmedia Coin H-C, you will be paid 1 coin for each of your affiliate, the total coins assigned for the affiliation system are 5 million.

Payments begin every month of the 10th day of each month.

The coins can be exchanged in the exchange portals where H-C is transacted, for now it is transitional in three exchanges and we are dealing with other exchange portals to list our currency on their exchange platforms.


To promote your affiliate link you need to go to settings, affiliates, my affiliates, where he writes, Your affiliate link is, share it with your friends in your other social media profiles, or in your blogs, to share in facebook you have to write a description in your blog, the direct and blocked link to facebook, because these bastards fear that someone steals their empire.

To use the Hotmedia Coin you need an Ethereum Wallet, as the H-C is created with the Ethereum tehnology,the best wallet for Smartphone and for Desktop, is

create your Wallet to receive your coins.

To request payment with Hotmedia Coin, in your affiliate panel you have the option to request payment with the Bank, put there your Wallet address, in the future we put the option request payment with Hotmedia Coin, for now we use this option works well.

Look carefully in a file.txt all the data of your Wallet, when you ask yourself the details you must have them.

To read the complete project of Hotmedia Coin CLICK HERE

Together we can create this Social Network so powerful that it gives us money for everyone!