Don't bother other users with Spam, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, Let's respect each other, because automatically all spam profiles are deleted

Read carefully !!!

*** You can advertise the links you want on your profiles, but do not send unwanted messages to other members!

*** For the quality of our social network you can publish only one SAME post per hour!

*** You should never post the same posts consistently because it counts as spam and destroys the credibility of the network!

*** You can publish a post about your jobs on your profile, but not as comments (links) below the posts of other members.

*** Also, you should not send spam messages to the inbox of other members, thematic groups, or pages.
Instead, open your own group / page and add the members you want and advertise your business there.

*** Please pay attention to these brief instructions, so that we all grow together, and that we do not force others to delete their accounts because of our behavior that someone would not want and approve.
But, if you force the other members to do that, to whome you will advertise your business!?
So, all of us losing if we don´t respect this instructions!

*** You have ALL FREEDOM, but it must also be in order for the benefit of all members.