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  • Soundbar Buying Guide
    A soundbar is the best way to improve audio quality from a television. It is simple to install and does not require any wiring like the surround sound system. Soundbars are a worthy investment. So which one should you pick? This soundbar buying guide will help you purchase the right one. Before we move on directly to the soundbar buying guide, let’s know the benefits of buying one...
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  • Android TV Box Buying Guide
    There are many ways to stream videos and movies on your television directly. One of the best ways to enjoy the shows is with the help of the Android TV Box. This box has opened multiple avenues. You can surf the Internet, send emails, shop, browse social media accounts, read the news, etc. There are many different options available for Android TV Boxes. If you are looking for one but...
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  • Complete Guide to Buying TV Online in India – 2020
    According to government data, the Indian e-commerce industry is growing at a whopping 51% per annum, the highest in the world. Online retail sales, propelled by increasing smartphone and internet usage, have a lot to do with this. And the biggest contributor to these sales are revenues from the sale of electronics (at 48%). This includes electronic appliances such as laptops, microwaves, air...
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  • Are OLED TVs Safe for Eyes?
    Television has become a way of life. It is no longer a luxury like it was in your childhood but more of a necessity now. Even the television sets have evolved to accommodate that perception. Given the rise in screen time, you need a technology that will enable that screen time without harming your eyesight. This is where OLED comes into play. What is an OLED? OLED is short for organic LED with...
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  • Android TV Vs. Smart TV – Which Is Better?
        This is an era of technology. Even your entertainment has been taken over by technology be it mobile phones, computers or television sets. And just like mobiles and computers the world of televisions has seen a revolutionary change. Your simple television box now comes packed with different features and types. It has stepped up to becoming smart televisions and android...
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  • How Does Android TV Box Work?
    Android TV boxes are gaining popularity. They are a disruptive technology having shaken up an already well-established industry of cable and satellite television. The popularity has gained momentum to the extent that even Apple has invested in internet TV. The pertinent question that arises now is “How does Android TV Box work?” You were not alone in thinking that cable TV had...
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  • World Television Day
        Even with the rise of various streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., Television is still one of the most widely used sources of video consumption. Since its inception in the early 20th century, we have come quite far, the TVs have gotten slimmer, larger, produce a better-quality picture and have received features that make them smart TVs. The UN says that people...
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