Woodsala is a Furniture Manufacturing company based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India and we produce modern and antique wooden furniture, priding ourselves on our attention to detail and top-class service. We offer a wide range of wooden furniture online for restaurants, hotels and even your own home. Whatever your furniture requirements are, you will find the solution here!
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  • All You Need To Know Before Buying a Wooden Door Online - https://bit.ly/2Doqbxy
    All You Need To Know Before Buying a Wooden Door Online - https://bit.ly/2Doqbxy
    All You Need To Know Before Buying a Wooden Door Online
    Nothing captures the Indian home aesthetic more than a beautifully carved wooden door. A solid wooden door made with exquisite teakwood not only provides security and privacy from the world outside, but also adds splendour to your house. If you are looking to buy wooden doors for your home, here are some pointers to get you going. Exterior and Interior Doors The build and purpose of exterior and interior doors are completely different. Therefore, you may find that they differ greatly in price and installation. Exterior doors are meant to provide security while offering a level of protection from the temperature variations outside. For stand-alone houses, the front and back doors that open to the exterior need to be tough and durable. They also create the first impression of your home, and so you need to choose a door that perfectly captures the spirit of your home. The front door is usually the heaviest and largest door in a house. Go for the best quality wood and make sure the door frames and hinges can handle the weight of the door. Besides amazing wood carvings, the door can also be accessorized with bolts and locks that will make it stand out. Brass knobs add a timeless elegance to wooden doors. Put special thought into your door handle as this equipment draws attention from visitors. Interior doors are not made of the same quality of wood as exterior doors, hence are much lighter in weight. But there are a lot of contemporary styles and designs that you could check out. Door Colour Rich and dark coloured doors are the trend for the year. You can opt for darker stains even for interior doors. It will add elegance and sophistication to your living space. Traditional doors often have a wonderful hue from the aged wood and some are also painted in unusual colours. Check out the wide range of antique doors at Woodsala for unique colours and designs. The colour white is no longer considered trendy, and it is also, rather difficult to maintain. However, nothing adds warmth to interiors like wooden hues. Read - A Complete Guide: How To Buy A Best Glass Doors Cabinet Carved Doors as Wall Art Repurposing doors from the old houses is a great way to introduce unique art into your home. Even a richly carved new door with the apt polish can be hung on a blank wall to create an arresting visual impact. Some people like to use doors from their old homes as wall hangings to keep their connection with the past alive. Puja Room Doors This is an area that gets a lot of attention and the right door can add a special feeling. A lattice-work carved door with little bells is a popular choice to create the perfect ambience for a soulful experience. Measure your Door Frames Before Buying a Wooden Door Online Even though your door frames are of ‘standard size’ as per your builder, always recheck measurements before you settle on your choice of door. If there is any customisation you require, it is a good idea to check with the seller in advance. A reputed online store like Woodsala will provide you with the option of customisation. Delivery and Installation Procedure Another crucial aspect to check before you buy a door online is the expected timeline for delivery and procedure for installation. And different online stores have different policies, so it is always safer to have clear information before you place the order. Use the chat or email link or phone number provided in the site for such clarifications. Frame a grand entry to your home with the perfect wooden door. Happy memories to you! Read Also - 7 Maintenance Tips to keep your Wooden Door good as new
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  • Things to Consider When Buying Wooden Chair for Office - https://bit.ly/3jUOZ1b
    Things to Consider When Buying Wooden Chair for Office - https://bit.ly/3jUOZ1b
    Things to Consider When Buying Wooden Chair for Office
    Think office chair and ‘ergonomic’ is the first word that pops up in your mind. All the pictures you see of ergonomic office chairs are inevitably of metal-frame swivel chairs with mesh backs. But did you know that a classic wooden chair is also a great buy for your office? The wooden frame gives plenty of support to your back and opting for an upholstered wooden chair with armrests is probably the best gift you can give yourself if you have long working hours. If you want to get a new chair for your office, here is all you need to keep in mind. Comfort is Key In office, you are likely to spend most of the time sitting in the chair. It is therefore, essential to make sure that the chair is comfortable enough to spend the long periods of time in. The ideal office chair should be upholstered for support and have arm rests. It should also, preferably be a sleek design that is easy to move, in case of an informal team meeting on the office floor. Align with the Aesthetics of the Office If your office is formal and elegant, wooden chairs are a great fit. If the place has a contemporary chic design, you could probably go for a sleek, upholstered metallic frame chair. For the reception area, it is always a great idea to have plush arm chairs for visitors. If you are looking to buy a chair for your home office, make sure to choose a piece that blends well with the overall look of your home. Choose to buy your chair online to get the exact design you have in mind. Read - 7 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Wooden Chair Check for Height A comfortable sitting posture for long working hours is with your feet resting squarely on the ground and not tucked into the bars under your chair. When choosing a new chair, check for the height and make sure it aligns well with the height of your work station. You should not be craning or bending your neck to see the screen. Go for Arm Rests When you are not typing furiously on your keypad allow your arms a bit of rest on your chair’s armrest. The ideal office chair should have armrests. The occasional break from work should allow for your arms to recuperate from the constant motion and tension in the muscles that results from using a computer. Woodsala has an amazing range of wooden chairs for office that are both aesthetic in design and high on functionality. The Importance of the Chair Cushion This one is pretty obvious. All your weight is being exerted on the chair at the seating area. The cushion should be tough enough to provide support and comfort. A bad posture that could result from sitting uncomfortably can lead to chronic aches and pains in the body. Add Accessories If you have problems in your back or elbows, buy cushions for additional support. Add a footstool to your work station if you feel your legs aching at the end of a long day. When it comes to office furniture, generally a one-size-fits-all approach is followed which may not suit your specific requirements. Personalise your work station to your comfort after checking with your office administrators.You need to get up and stretch at least once every hour to avoid physical discomfort. At the same time, having the right , can not only reduce pain but also increase concentration. Check out the wide range of wooden office chairs at Woodsala for the perfect choice. Your body will thank you for it! Read Also - 6 Trendy Chairs for your Home and Office
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  • How to Identify the Ideal Wood for Quality Wooden Furniture

    It is essential to identify the ideal wood while buying a #wooden furniture. Here's our #guide that will help you make the right choice. - https://woodsala.com/blogs/woodsala-blogs/identify-wooden-furniture-quality
    How to Identify the Ideal Wood for Quality Wooden Furniture It is essential to identify the ideal wood while buying a #wooden furniture. Here's our #guide that will help you make the right choice. - https://woodsala.com/blogs/woodsala-blogs/identify-wooden-furniture-quality
    How to Identify the Ideal Wood for Quality Wooden Furniture
    Unlike clothes or accessories, you don’t outgrow your furniture or change them every season. It is very likely that your furniture is going to last for a life time. In fact, with an eye for the right type of wood, your wooden furniture could easily be passed on to your children who will value them as heirloom pieces. But to make sure that your investment is getting you the best quality wooden furniture, you need to really know about the wood that goes into making them. Don’t allow a glib salesman to trick you into buying inferior quality of furniture! Here’s all the information you need to make the right choice. Why Quality Matters With unscrupulous manufacturers offering hefty discounts on inferior products, the “use and throw” culture has unfortunately crept into furniture as well. In reality, good quality wood does not cost the moon as you would easily understand by checking out the catalogue at Woodsala. Good quality wood gives you furniture that is beautiful to look at, easy to maintain and does not need to be discarded in a few years’ time. Artistic craftsmanship can only be put to use in good quality wood. Mass produced and cheap quality furniture rarely sports the kind of exquisite wood work that you can see in quality products. Read - The Varying Worlds of Wood in Furniture The Difference Between Solid Wood and Engineered wood Good quality wooden furniture is made from solid woods. The lesser quality furniture – the lighter and cheaper variety – is made from engineered wood. Engineered wood is made by fixing strands or particles or thin boards of wood together with adhesives to create a composite material. While this may look remarkably like wood, it has none of the features of real hardwood and can easily be damaged. It cannot acquire the sheen of real wood, does not age well and is not ideal for carving designs. Solid wood on the other hand is natural hardwood or softwood, and the one you find in the beautiful pieces of furniture that you see in old homes or hotels. A reputed manufacturer like Woodsala uses only solid wood to craft their furniture. Signature Seasoned Wood at Woodsala Unlike mass produced furniture, the wooden furniture at Woodsala is made from naturally seasoned solid wood. As an eco-conscious manufacturer, we put to use recycled and reclaimed wood. This wood is perfectly seasoned to create our own signature seasoned wood that goes into crafting our exquisite pieces of furniture. Our responsibly sourced wood is durable, insect-resistant and eco-friendly. Also, this type of wood is capable of giving you absolutely stunning textures and finishes. We work with different kinds of seasoned wood including teak and rosewood which our master craftsmen painstakingly work on to turn out unique, outstanding and stunning pieces for your home. Of particular importance is the fact that Woodsala stores this carefully sourced wood in multiple warehouses, meaning there is much less of a waiting period when you place an order. What to Look For It is not easy for a lay person to differentiate between solid wood and engineered wood. The key factors in identifying natural wood are its grain, colour and visibility of annual rings. Here are a few things to look out for if you are doing it on your own. Check the grain: Check along the edges of a piece of wood. If the grain pattern aligns with the direction of grains on the top, it is natural wood. If the same pattern seems to be repeating all over, then it is not solid wood. Sanding the wood: If a piece of wood has been altered in its natural appearance by staining, then it may not be easy to check out its grain and composition. A little bit of sanding can revitalise wood and make it easier to spot its grain and original colour. Growth rings: In natural wood, growth rings are visible as darker lines throughout the grain. Read - How Wooden Furniture is Manufactured Commonly Used Hardwoods in India Since furniture was a prized asset in our culture, much of our exquisitely carved wooden furniture that lasted through generations was made in solid hardwoods like teak, mahogany, rose wood/ Sheesham, deodar and Sal wood. Let us take a quick look at the characteristics of each. Teak: This is one of the finest woods that is used in furniture making and is prized for its strength, depth of colour and is resistant to rot and fire. Some of the antique furniture that still retains its sheen and beauty is made of teak. A well-crafted teak bed or cabinet will be a gift for generations to come! Indian Rosewood/ Sheesham: This wood has a distinctive colour that lends it exquisite beauty. It is so durable that is it considered ideal for intricate carvings, even the see-through styles like ‘jali’ work. Elaborately carved Sheesham wood furniture immediately enhances the look of any room. Mahogany: Coloured like Sheesham wood, mahogany is not only lighter than the above two but is also very durable and resistant to termites. Mahogany has a great capacity to absorb paint well so it can be used for glossy finishes in cabinets and centre tables. Deodar: This is a closely grained wood and like mahogany, it can absorb paint well. This sturdy and rot-resistant wood was used in building temples in the olden days. It is ideal for carved furniture. Sal wood: This type of wood is largely used in the making of musical instruments and in wooden flooring. It is also used for making doors and frames and smaller pieces of wood furniture. Bring quality and uniqueness into your homes through solid wood furniture. Like your home, your furniture also weaves memories into your life. Choose nothing but the best for the quality time you spend with your family. Keeping in mind these important facts about identifying the best wood while choosing your wooden furniture will guarantee you low-maintenance, long-lasting, truly beautiful furniture. Read Also - Different Era of Wooden Furniture: A Brief Overview
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Wooden Sofa Set for Your Home - https://bit.ly/3dfjr2g
    The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Wooden Sofa Set for Your Home - https://bit.ly/3dfjr2g
    The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Wooden Sofa Set for Your Home
    Your living room is the chief attraction of your house, and a classy wooden sofa should naturally be the focal point of that space. So, whether you’re entertaining guests or simply looking to enjoy the latest TV series with your family at home, your wooden sofa is the highlight of the occasion. A sofa cannot just make or break the living room decor, but it is also important in terms of comfort. It is synonymous with relaxation and warmth after a long tiring day. Therefore, it is essential that you put a lot of thought and care into buying it. From modern wooden sofa sets to fully upholstered sofa sets to couches, there are different types of sofa sets available in the market today, to suit your taste and need. The right sofa for your needs will obviously depend on many factors like the number of members in the house, the size of the room, the overall décor scheme, presence of kids, etc. So, assess your needs and budget, and then choose your sofa set accordingly. Try before you buy – Check out the seat depth, the back support, and the feel, etc. Try out the sofa thoroughly before you buy it. Try tucking your legs, reclining, stretching your legs up on the table, etc. and assess the comfort factor. Go ahead with it only if you’re fully convinced. Also, consider not just yourself, but also the other family members who will be using it. For instance, tall people may prefer a sofa with a higher back for proper support. Choose a sofa with a solid hardwood frame – Invest in a sofa with a sturdy wooden frame. It will pinch your pocket a tad bit but it’s not every year that you change your sofa! So, choose wisely. Wooden frames are durable and sturdy and manufacturers offer a guarantee on these as well. Teakwood, walnut, and sal are some good options to consider. Type of sofa- 3-seater, two-seater, or L-shaped – This completely depends on the size of the room and the number of members in the family. If you’re a family of four or five members in a compact space, you could go for a 3-seater wooden sofa along with two individual chairs, so that space doesn’t look or feel cramped. Similarly, if you have space for it and have a big family with guests coming over often, go for an L-shaped or sectional sofa. This will ensure that there is enough seating space for everyone. Check the cushions – Don’t forget to check if the cushions are foam-filled or feather-filled. Feather-filled ones are high on comfort but they need regular plumping. On the other hand, foam or fiber-filled cushions tend to flatten out over time. Your ideal choice would be a combination of both. Don’t mess with the dimensions – Don’t just look at a sofa you like and assume that it will fit in with your space. Measure the dimensions of the room, the width of your entryway and then check the sofa dimensions to see if the choice is right. The last thing you want is to bring home a sturdy wooden sofa set only to realize that it won’t fit through the door. Judge the quality – Check the quality of the wooden frame. The legs and arms should both be a part of the frame and not joined in. Check the upholstery and the padding too. In a good quality sofa, you should not be able to feel the frame through the padding. Also remember to check the back. Knock and if it feels hollow, it’s a sure shot sign of inferior construction. Finally, choose carefully and don’t rush. Check out the wooden sofa sets available online on the furniture store too. Visit multiple outlets before you settle for one. Buying a durable and affordable sofa isn’t just a matter of luck. It takes research and careful planning to ensure that you get the best deal. Read Also - Wooden Sofas For Your Outdoor Decor: Get Summer Ready!
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  • 7 Small Wooden Kitchen Furniture Pieces You Will Love - https://bit.ly/2WfRAI3
    7 Small Wooden Kitchen Furniture Pieces You Will Love - https://bit.ly/2WfRAI3
    7 Small Wooden Kitchen Furniture Pieces You Will Love
    Whether you’re an avid cook, a popular host or have a big family, your kitchen is the heart of your home. From cooking exciting meals and hosting parties for friends and family, to making quick fixes for long tiring days or whipping up relaxed Sunday brunches, your kitchen is a treasure trove of memories. It is that part of your home where form and function are of utmost importance and wooden kitchen furniture plays a key role to ensure that. A well-organized, contemporary yet functional kitchen is what you need for a busy lifestyle. Here are some simple wooden furniture items for the kitchen that you must consider getting: Wooden kitchen cabinets - Choose from cupboard style or wall hanging kitchen cabinets to store items like crockery, cookbooks, pickle jars and spices. Wooden Cabinets made from teakwood or solid wood are sturdy and durable, and will last for years to come. Go for handcrafted pieces that will lend an elegant yet vintage touch to your kitchen. Wooden-metallic shelf – A fusion of wrought iron and wood, such shelves are perfect for a modern kitchen. You can pick up racks featuring 5 shelves, which will give you ample storage space to arrange anything you want, from utensils to kitchen appliances like mixer, microwave, etc. Wooden shelves with wrought iron rods are especially sturdy and durable and will be worth the money you spend on them. Teakwood kitchen table – If you have a large kitchen, a robust teakwood kitchen table is something you’ll absolutely love. Store your bar accessories or use it as a snacking table. This Wooden table is the perfect kind of kitchen furniture if you have a big family with kids. This hexagonal table top with a single pillar tapering to become pronged legs can lend a cool yet classical touch to your kitchen space. Wooden chairs – Now, if you have a table, you’d want a place to sit too! A wooden chair with a long back that goes well with the table can be an excellent idea. You can choose from Woodsala’s exclusive collection of wooden chairs, whether you like something contemporary or classic. Black copper bajot – Want to give your modern kitchen a traditional spin? A vintage bajot with metallic finish is something you’d definitely want. This multipurpose bajot can be put to a variety of uses, whether you want to sit on the floor or keep it handy as a stepping stool for high shelves. Handcrafted from solid wood with a dark polish, this bajot adds a unique look indeed. Wooden rack – A 3-shelf wooden rack is a simple yet essential piece of kitchen furniture that has great utility. These wooden racks are compact and can fit in any kitchen corner. Use it to organise utensils, water bottles, boxes or any of your essential accessories that you’d want handy.  Wooden Kitchen accessories Platter – Find a wide range of wooden platters that can be used to serve snacks and savouries to guests. Available in round, square and rectangle shapes, in solid and teak wood variants, these platters will add a classy touch to your hospitality. Made of pure wood, these platters last for years and are excellent for gifting purposes too. Wooden coasters – Use coasters to serve hot or cold drinks on the kitchen table, as heat can damage the wood and condensed droplets on cold drinks can leave a mark. Wooden tray – Use beautiful wooden trays to serve snacks and drinks to guests or use them in the kitchen to hold odds and ends like spice jars, condiments, matchboxes and more. Chopping board – Handcrafted and hand-polished, teak wood chopping boards can take your cooking experience to a whole new level. These chopping boards are easy to clean, do not smell, and have the perfect wood finish. So, that was the list of wooden furniture pieces that you’d love to have in your kitchen. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but, it combines small, large, durable and affordable wooden kitchen furniture that will complement any kitchen style or design. So what are you waiting for? Put your ideas to test and buy wooden furniture items online to give your kitchen the look you’ve always wanted!
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